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Week 13 power rankings

Mike Florio and Chris Simms debate whether they'd rather have Patrick Mahomes or Lamar Jackson as their quarterback right now.

1. Ravens (9-2; last week No. 1): When asking whether they’re peaking too soon, it’s also fair to ask whether they haven’t peaked yet.

2. 49ers (10-1; No. 4): Sure, they face a tough schedule. The teams that will be facing them have it even tougher.

3. Seahawks (9-2; No. 2): The No. 1 seed or the No. 5 seed continues to hinge on Week 17 vs. the 49ers.

4. Patriots (10-1; No. 3): A Super Bowl berth hinges eventually on the ability to contain Lamar Jackson.

5. Saints (9-2; No. 5): If they’re going to be screwed by the pass interference replay process, it’s better that it happen now than later.

6. Vikings (8-3; No. 7): A win in Seattle, as unlikely as it would be, would propel the Vikings into the bye-week conversation.

7. Packers (8-3; No. 6): They should never play a game in California again.

8. Chiefs (7-4; No. 8): Andy Reid’s teams thrive after the bye; the real question is whether a win over the Raiders can be followed by a win over the Patriots.

9. Texans (7-4; No. 12): Two weeks after a potential signature win became a blowout loss, the Texans have another shot at a signature win.

10. Bills (8-3; No. 9): They’ll likely get to the playoffs; can they win once the playoffs start?

11. Steelers (6-5; No. 15): If someone from the Browns tries to hit Devlin Hodges over the head with his own helmet, hopefully he will quickly lower his head in an effort to avoid the blow.

12. Titans (6-5; No. 16): The most boring team in football is quickly becoming anything but.

13. Cowboys (6-5; No. 11): If they lose to Buffalo at home on Thanksgiving, Black Friday may have a much different meaning for Jason Garrett.

14. Raiders (6-5; No. 10): Playoffs or not, Derek Carr may not actually be living in that house he’s building in Las Vegas.

15. Colts (6-5; No. 14): They’ll be a dangerous playoff team if they make it; it’s still not clear whether they’ll make it.

16. Browns (5-6; No. 19): Maybe they’ll make it to the playoffs after all.

17. Rams (6-5; No. 13): Maybe they won’t make it to the playoffs after all.

18. Eagles (5-6; No. 17): Maybe they’ll regret signing Carson Wentz.

19. Panthers (5-6; No. 18): Maybe they’ll regret keeping Joey Slye.

20. Bears (5-6; No. 21): Maybe they’ll stop being asked why they didn’t take Patrick Mahomes in 2017 and instead be asked why they didn’t take Lamar Jackson in 2018.

21. Jets (4-7; No. 25): Maybe they’d be a contender if they didn’t have so many tough games in September and October.

22. Buccaneers (4-7; No. 27): Maybe Jameis Winston will do enough to get another year where the constant question will be whether he should get another year.

23. Chargers (4-7; No. 22): By beating Lamar Jackson in the 2018 playoffs, the Chargers finally have something they can hold over the Rams.

24. Jaguars (4-7; No. 20): The Super Bowl window has been slammed shut and boarded up.

25. Falcons (3-8; No. 23): It’ll take more than $2 hot dogs to get people to show up on Thanksgiving night.

26. Broncos (3-8; No. 24): When will they leave the starting job to the guy who looks like the star of Leave It To Beaver?

27. Lions (3-7-1; No. 26): It’s no surprise that a team with six decades of dysfunction wouldn’t realize the benefit of giving an effort to finally change things more than two years to take root.

28. Cardinals (3-7-1; No. 28): Patrick Mahomes in 2018, Lamar Jackson in 2019 . . . Kyler Murray in 2020?

29. Washington (2-9; No. 31): Far more surprising than Dwayne Haskins’ decision to take a selfie with fans is that fans were actually there to take selfies with.

30. Dolphins (2-9; No. 29): They’re going to regret those two wins in April.

31. Giants (2-9; No. 30): The Giants could be the third NFC East team looking for a new coach in January.

32. Bengals (0-11; No. 32): They definitely wouldn’t be 0-11 if Marvin Lewis was still the coach.