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Week 14 power rankings


1. Seahawks (11-2; last week No. 1): Not many teams can lose and still hold the No. 1 spot. The Seahawks are one of those teams.

2. Broncos (11-2; No. 4): Whoever said Peyton Manning can’t play in the cold can shove it where the sun don’t shine. Which is another set of conditions where Peyton would likely struggle.

3. Patriots (10-3; No. 3): No Gronk? No problem. As long as the goal is to not make it to the Super Bowl.

4. Saints (10-3; No. 5): Maybe they need to have a broken plane on a road trip more often.

5. Bengals (9-4; No. 6): If the Texans don’t wait to interview Bengals coordinators Mike Zimmer and Jay Gruden, the Texans aren’t interested in finding the best candidate for the job.

6. Panthers (9-4; No. 2): The Panthers need to shake off their loss to the Saints as fast as the Saints shook off their loss to the Seahawks.

7. 49ers (9-4; No. 7): Who’s got it better than us? The Seahawks still do. And a few others.

8. Chiefs (10-3; No. 8): With the No. 5 seed a virtual certainty, they can go ahead and book their hotels in Indy for the wild-card round.

9. Eagles (8-5; No. 10): On Sunday, the Iggles played like they live in igloos.

10. Cardinals (8-5; No. 11): In his defense, Darnell Dockett thought Chris Williams’ hand was a really big spider.

11. Ravens (7-6; No. 14): A sixth straight playoff appearance that seemed inconceivable not that long ago suddenly sees inevitable.

12. Bears (7-6; No. 18): How in the hell did Alshon Jeffery last until round two last year?

13. Cowboys (7-6; No. 9): The Cowboys remain right on track to lose their third straight Week 17 NFC East championship game.

14. Colts (8-5; No. 12): Cheer up, Andrew. Peyton Manning was one-and-done in his second NFL season, too.

15. Packers (6-6-1; No. 15): The one team Seattle doesn’t want to see in January is the team that suddenly has new life in December.

16. Dolphins (7-6; No. 19): A signature win for Joe Philbin and company may not be enough for a playoff berth in 2013, but it could make Miami a more viable contender in 2014.

17. Chargers (6-7; No. 16): The team with which Eli Manning didn’t want to start his career may have ended Tom Coughlin’s.

18. Lions (7-6; No. 13): If the Lions can’t seize a division that features an extended stretch with Josh McCown as the quarterback in Chicago and a revolving door of stink in Minnesota and Green Bay, the Lions never will.

19. Jets (6-7; No. 23): The possibility that the Jets will qualify for the playoffs could be the best argument against expanding the field.

20. Rams (5-8; No. 17): Thanks to the Robert Griffin III trade and a late-season St. Louis swoon, the Rams could end up with a pair of top-five picks.

21. Jaguars (4-9; No. 25): Bob McNair may want to check the scoreboard -- twice -- before proclaiming that the Texans are superior to the Jags.

22. Titans (5-8; No. 20): Unless Mike Munchak is the guy who wanted Jake Locker, Mike Munchak shouldn’t get fired.

23. Steelers (5-8; No. 21): The Steelers could have had a “band is on the field” moment, if only Antonio Brown had stayed on the field.

24. Giants (5-8; No. 22): G.M. Jerry Reese said before the season that everyone is “on notice.” In three weeks, we’ll start to find out what they were on notice for.

25. Buccaneers (4-9; No. 28): Like their neighbors to the northeast, the Bucs have gone 4-1 over the past five games.

26. Bills (4-9; No. 24): Based on how they played in Tampa, maybe Toronto will want to cancel the annual series, too.

27. Browns (4-9; No. 26): Maybe the Colts will offer the Browns three first-round picks for Josh Gordon in the offseason. And Trent Richardson.

28. Vikings (3-9-1; No. 27): Sunday’s snowfest in Baltimore was good preparation for the next two years of home games in the Minnesota elements.

29. Raiders (4-9; No. 29): Most Raiders fans would have preferred to watch Heidi on Sunday.

30. Falcons (3-10; No. 30): The Falcons need Jadeveon Clowney to drive even faster to Atlanta.

31. Redskins (3-10; No. 31): Mike Shanahan nearly quit in January. His team did against the Chiefs.

32. Texans (2-11; No. 32): Given the current state of the roster, maybe the Texans overachieved in 2011 and 2012. Or maybe they got rid of the wrong guys. Or maybe both.