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Week 15 power rankings

Peter King recaps his Week 14 takeaways on PFT Live, stating unequivocally that Pat Mahomes deserves to be the NFL's MVP this season.

1. Chiefs (11-2; last week No. 2): More no-look passes, please.

2. Saints (11-2; No. 3): They snapped out of a six-quarter funk, and now they have the No. 1 seed in their grasp, again.

3. Rams (11-2; No. 1): They should be very happy that this year’s Super Bowl isn’t being played outdoors in a cold-weather city.

4. Chargers (10-3; No. 5): If you haven’t been paying attention to the Chargers, you may be in for a surprise on Thursday night.

5. Patriots (9-4; No. 4): Bill Belichick brushed off the loss to Miami by saying, “No one died.” Their shot at the top seed did, however.

6. Bears (9-4; No. 8): When the season ends, the Bears will be kicking themselves for losing to the Packers in Green Bay and the Dolphins in Miami (and as a commenter noted the Giants in New Jersey), because the difference may end up being a bye.

7. Cowboys (8-5; No. 7): If Amari Cooper played in Oakland like he’s played in Dallas, it would have taken a lot more than a first-round pick to get him.

8. Texans (9-4; No. 6): Apparently, they took the cheese.

9. Seahawks (8-5; No. 9): No one in the NFC is going to want to play them in January.

10. Ravens (7-6; No. 10): No one in the AFC is going to want to play them in January.

11. Titans (7-6; No. 15): Great game, Derrick Henry. Now, play like that more often.

12. Colts (7-6; No. 16): How did they get shut out by the Jaguars?

13. Steelers (7-5-1; No. 11): A failure to make the playoffs could result in a potential fan revolt, which could test the commitment to rarely changing coaches.

14. Dolphins (7-6; No. 17): The play called “Boise” helped keep the team’s playoff hopes from being sent to Belize.

15. Vikings (6-6-1; No. 12): The playoffs start on Sunday.

16. Eagles (6-7; No. 14): The playoffs continue on Sunday.

17. Broncos (6-7; No. 13): The playoffs were never going to start anyway.

18. Browns (5-7-1; No. 21): The fact that the playoffs are still a possibility with three games left is one of the biggest surprises of the year.

19. Packers (5-7-1; No. 22): If they somehow draw an inside straight to the playoffs, will they have to keep Joe Philbin?

20. Panthers (6-7; No. 18): With an explosion of great young quarterbacks, how much longer will Cam Newton be the quarterback in Carolina?

21. Giants (5-8; No. 23): The Giants are playing just well enough to give Eli Manning another year.

22. Lions (5-8; No. 24): Who would have guessed that practicing in the snow would help them play in the desert?

23. Washington (6-7; No. 19): This team has collapsed faster than a Jenga tower in a wind tunnel.

24. Buccaneers (5-8; No. 20): All those empty seats nearly witnessed a big upset.

25. Jets (4-9; No. 30): Way too little. Way too late.

26. Bills (4-9; No. 25): Glass half empty.

27. Bengals (5-8; No. 26): Glass empty.

28. 49ers (3-10; No. 31): Don’t blow your shot at Nick Bosa, Kyle.

29. Raiders (3-10; No. 32): Don’t blow your shot at a guy you’ll eventually refuse to pay, Jon.

30. Jaguars (4-9; No. 27): Celebrating the fact that they kept Derrick Henry from scoring a fifth touchdown is a microcosm (Chris Simms’ favorite word) of the team’s current culture.

31. Falcons (4-9; No. 28): It’s still better than blowing a 28-3 lead in the Super Bowl.

32. Cardinals (3-10; No. 29): The NFC West basement could be this team’s place of residence for a while.