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Week Six power rankings

Even though the Kansas City Chiefs suffered their first loss of the season in Week 6 to the Steelers, they're still on top of PFT's Power Rankings.

1. Chiefs (5-1; No. 1): They lost but they’re still No. 1? Welcome to 2017, when it’s impossible to figure out who really is/isn’t the “best” team in football.

2. Eagles (5-1; No. 5): Carson Wentz needs to avoid contact, or the Eagles won’t be able to avoid having to play multiple games without him.

3. Patriots (4-2; No. 7): If the churning continues among the top teams in the AFC, the door will be open for the Patriots to seize the No. 1 seed.

4. Steelers (4-2; No. 12): They won a game they were supposed to lose? They’ll eventually make up for that by losing a game they’re supposed to win.

5. Panthers (4-2; No. 4): The defense needs Luke Kuechly; the offense needs better play-calling in the clutch.

6. Seahawks (3-2; No. 13): How does a team jump seven spots without playing a game? First, be the Seahawks. Second, watch a cluster of teams in front of you prove they were overrated.

7. Vikings (4-2; No. 15): Case Keenum quietly is becoming a keeper for the Vikings.

8. Washington (3-2; No. 11): Monday night’s date with the Eagles could be a midseason division-title elimination game for Washington.

9. Rams (4-2; No. 16): Yes, they could be 6-0. But after 4-12 in 2016, 4-2 looks pretty good.

10. Bills (3-2; No. 10): Rex Ryan vowed to end the playoff drought in his first year with the team. Sean McDermott may be the one to get it done.

11. Dolphins (3-2; No. 23): Last year, an unlikely win over the Steelers provided the spark. This year, an even more unlikely win over the defending NFC champions could be the trigger.

12. Falcons (3-2; No. 3): As anyone who ever had a hangover knows, saying “I don’t have a hangover” is no way to cure a hangover.

13. Texans (3-3; No. 14): A year after hosting the Super Bowl, the Texans could indeed be playing in it.

14. Broncos (3-2; No. 6): There’s no excuse for coming out of a bye and blowing it against a bad team.

15. Saints (3-2; No. 21): What may be last year of the Drew Brees/Sean Payton marriage could be a memorable one.

16. Lions (3-3; No. 8): With Aaron Rodgers out, the door is open for the Lions to take the division. If they can win a few games.

17. Titans (3-3; No. 19): Marcus Mariota with a bad hamstring may be even better than Marcus Mariota with two good ones.

18. Jaguars (3-3; No. 9): This team goes back and forth faster than a fat kid on a low swing.

19. Cowboys (2-3; No. 17): With or without Ezekiel Elliott, it feels like it’s not their year.

20. Packers (4-2; No. 2): For a team that relies so much on Aaron Rodgers, losing him and stubbornly insisting on “next man up” guarantees that they’ll be the first team out in the NFC North.

21. Jets (3-3; No. 20): For the first time in recent history, the league office made a decision that helps the Patriots and hurts the Jets.

22. Cardinals (3-3; No. 26): Yo. Adrian.

23. Chargers (2-4; No. 27): After winning two games on the road, the Chargers will be better prepared for their road games at home.

24. Bengals (2-3; No. 25): This team has plenty of work to do, if it wants to lose another playoff game.

25. Raiders (2-4; No. 18): If the losses continue, the Black Hole will literally be a black hole.

26. Buccaneers (2-3; No. 22): It’s good that Dirk Koetter works for a patient ownership group that isn’t inclined to make rash changes based on unfulfilled expectations.

27. Bears (2-4; No. 29): With a halfback pass for a touchdown, Tarik Cohen instantly became the second best quarterback on the roster.

28. Ravens (3-3; No. 24): So when does Greg Roman get to run the offense and wish he had Kaepernick instead of Flacco to work with?

29. Colts (2-4; No. 28): If they can stay within striking distance of first place in the division when Andrew Luck returns, this could get interesting.

30. Giants (1-5; No. 32): Giants 2017 a/k/a At Least We Had That Sunday Night Win in Denver.

31. 49ers (0-6; No. 30): C.J. Beathard would be a lot cheaper over the next few years than Kirk Cousins.

32. Browns (0-6; No. 31): The Browns are two losses away from a “bye” week. And from a Sunday when they won’t play a game.