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With Laquon Treadwell on the Vikings, Norv Turner’s “Bang 8" could be back


When Norv Turner coordinated the offense that featured The Triplets, the number eight had specific relevance to one of them.

Bang 8.

The number refers to the route from the Don Coryell route tree (a skinny post), and the “Bang” refers to what typically happened to Michael Irvin after he caught the ball.

Matt Vensel of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune explains how, with the Vikings adding big-bodied first-round wideout Laquon Treadwell, Bang 8 could be back in vogue for Turner, who now runs the offense in Minnesota.

The Vikings haven’t used the post route much under Turner, in part because they haven’t had the wideouts who could or would take the pounding from a safety who closes on the ball from the inside. Treadwell is believed to be able and willing to absorb the blows.

Irvin is one of those believers.

“Laquon’s more physically gifted than I was. And he looks to be a real competitor,” Irvin said, via Vensel. “Norv will take that and turn it into something great.”

One key component in Bang 8 will be the ability of quarterback Teddy Bridgewater to deliver the ball in a way that minimizes the Bang. If Bridgewater is off the mark, he could be leading Treadwell into a buzzsaw.

But that’s where rule changes aimed at limiting concussions could help Turner, Treadwell, and Bridgewater. With defenders no longer permitted to hit defenseless receivers in the head or neck or with the helmet, the risk of Treadwell getting blown up is reduced. And the chances of the Vikings passing game blowing up with Bang 8 is increased.