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Yes, if teams ever move to London, the Jaguars likely will be one of them

Mike Florio and Chris Simms dissect the five international games scheduled for the 2023 NFL season, featuring back-to-back Jags matchups in London, the Dolphins taking on the Chiefs in Frankfurt and more.

For years, the NFL has dangled a carrot regarding the eventual placement of a team in London. Last year, Commissioner Roger Goodell for the first time suggested that four teams could land in a European division.

So where will the four teams come from? If/when that ever happens, one of the teams will likely come from Jacksonville.

I know, Jaguars fans. You don’t want to hear it. I wouldn’t want to hear it, either. Folks in St. Louis didn’t want to hear it when the handwriting of an inevitable L.A. move was spray painted on the wall.

In this case, it’s not spray paint. It’s an etching in stone. The Jaguars play in London, year after year after year. If any team has a fan base in London, it’s the Jaguars. This year, they’ll play there twice.

If any team goes for good, and unless the teams would all be expansion franchises, who else would it be? The Jaguars are the logical choice to relocate.

It’s not an opinion as to what could be or should be. It’s an acknowledgment of what already has become, one game per year at a time. As of this year, two games at a time.

Maybe, for the Jaguars, it would start as a joint custody arrangement, with a split schedule of home and away games. The Jacksonville Jaguars of London. The LoJack Jaguars. The Hounds of the Jacksonville. To name a few.

Unless the league’s talk about putting teams in Europe is only talk (and until talk becomes action, that’s all it is), something will eventually happen. When it does, how can anyone think it won’t happen with the Jaguars?