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GM confirms Tony DeAngelo will not play for the Rangers again

Liam McHugh, Keith Jones and Anson Carter react to Jeff Gorton saying Tony DeAngelo won't play for the Rangers after clearing waivers, while discussing his reported altercation and if he can and will get a second chance.

While Tony DeAngelo’s larger hockey future -- in the NHL or otherwise -- remains unsettled after he cleared waivers, GM Jeff Gorton confirmed that DeAngelo played his last game for the New York Rangers.

From there, Gorton and team president John Davidson discussed other reports and rumors surrounding DeAngelo and his conduct toward Rangers teammates, from K’Andre Miller to Alexandar Georgiev.

Why the Rangers moved on from Tony DeAngelo

When it comes to understanding why the Rangers said goodbye to Tony DeAngelo, you must sift through the on-ice and off-ice details. Some might say that the balance of his on-ice work (bad defense, good-but-maybe-not-good-enough offense) could no longer justify dealing with the off-ice stuff.

Of course, many would argue that the Rangers never should have put up with DeAngelo’s off-ice/interpersonal conduct.

During Monday’s press conference, the Rangers put their spin on why they’re moving on from Tony DeAngelo. The Rangers’ discussion of DeAngelo’s dismissal comes back more to specifics.

For instance: the Rangers linger upon DeAngelo reacting poorly to an early-season healthy scratch. From there, a reported altercation between DeAngelo and goalie Alexandar Georgiev ended up being the final straw.

Of course, Tony DeAngelo’s name has “come up” frequently on social media, even beyond his “Watch Your Tone” podcast. DeAngelo’s tendency to offend has been long known, and it stems from well before his time with the Rangers. For instance: he was suspended in the OHL for uttering slurs at his own teammate.

It’s difficult to imagine that such actions weren’t a “distraction” for the Rangers, but executives shied away from emphasizing that as the issue with DeAngelo.

The overall message from the Rangers cements the thought that DeAngelo was let go not just for toxic behavior, but also due to the decline in the quality of his play. It opens the door for criticisms like these.

Rangers deny details about K’Andre Miller first goal puck

The Rangers took steps to refute details about possible tension between DeAngelo and K’Andre Miller. ESPN’s Greg Wyshynski shared John Davidson’s full comments:

Wyshynski also notes that there’s a lot of confusion regarding why there was no photo op with Miller and his first goal puck.

Overall ... that’s all getting deep into the weeds about a specific incident. Yet, even with the Rangers’ official comments, it wasn’t one single thing that pushed DeAngelo out the door. It wasn’t one single cringe-worthy Tweet, hot take, or boneheaded turnover.

And, whatever the exact catalyst was or catalysts were, the Rangers confirmed DeAngelo’s days are over with the franchise. We’ll need to wait and see if DeAngelo lands with another NHL team, or plies his trade somewhere else.

James O’Brien is a writer for Pro Hockey Talk on NBC Sports. Drop him a line at or follow him on Twitter @cyclelikesedins.