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Joe weighs in on Marian Hossa hit controversy

PHT contributor Joe Yerdon had a lengthy post reacting to Colin Campbell’s decision not to suspend Marian Hossa. Here’s an excerpt from a blistering (but clear-headed) piece of criticism from his personal blog, Gross Misconduct Hockey.

The glaring lack of consistency as well as the underlying message that’s delivered when first-time offenders get the proverbial slap on the wrist from Ol’ Soupy for pulling off a scummy play is frustrating and yet still entirely too predictable. I know most fans were stunned just to see Marian Hossa deliver a hit of any kind but the fact that it turned into a lightning rod of controversy shouldn’t be all that stunning.

All that aside, my problem here, like always, is the extreme lack of consistency shown by the league regarding these things. I guess it’s what helps my Wheel of Justice become more popular, for which I am semi-thankful, but I wouldn’t feel too bad if it ended up being a product of a bygone era. Until that day comes, spin away you crazy wheel.

So far, our poll seems to indicate that people think Hossa should have been suspended (“No” represents only 61 of the 148 votes ... although, to be fair, there are multiple choices for “Yes.”)

Make sure to check Joe’s post out even if there’s a touch of potty-mouthed language. Any excuse for him to use his Wheel of Justice Photoshop is a good one in my view.