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American Century Championship
Saturday, July 11, 2020
Kyle Williams
Press Conference

THE MODERATOR: We have Mr. Kyle Williams here; yesterday’s first-round leader. He played another very solid round today with 27 points, a total of 52. And you find yourself three behind Mardy Fish, who set an all-time record today by four points; 37 in the second round. The previous record, 33.

But you played pretty solid golf today. You’ve got to be pretty happy with the way you came back after a really strong opening round.

KYLE WILLIAMS: I was pleased with it. I think when I made mistakes, I bounced back. Didn’t strike the ball as clean today, but made some good putts, some key putts. And really kind of kept me into it, kept my round going.

So I tried to mesh that all together. You’re going to have to play really well. Like I said yesterday, great field. And obviously what a great round by Mardy.

Q. It’s down to a two-horse race. It’s you two guys; you’re 15 points ahead of third place and he’s 18.
KYLE WILLIAMS: Don’t give me too much credit. I can see that thing going any direction. Like I said yesterday, there’s so many great players. Obviously what Mardy did today, Tony can obviously do that. There’s a lot of guys that can do things like that.

The one thing I’ve really just been trying to do is try to commit to every shot and hit it and then trust my lines on the green.

Q. You had mentioned yesterday you hit a lot of good wedges. Looks like you had a number of them today on 13 and 15. You made birdie on both of those, if memory serves.
KYLE WILLIAMS: I did. I hit, on 13, I hit it to probably six, seven feet, made a little slider moving right. On 15, I hit it to about three feet. So I hit a couple of good ones, that when you’re in the hunt like this, when you’re playing against a bunch of really good players, you better knock those things in, and I was able to capitalize when I had a chance.

I wish that I had the made the bogeys today coming off birdies, and things like that, I had a few 3-putts. But hopefully we can get that ironed out.

Q. Did you feel any nerves on, like, 11 or 12, because you came up a little bit short on both those, the first putts, I think.
KYLE WILLIAMS: So on 11, I tried to stay high in light of the flag thinking it would roll down. And it caught on me. And it’s such a slippery putt that you have to guard against running it 10, 12 feet by. And I just ended up leaving it seven feet short. When you get into that area, when the ball’s moving and it’s slick, it’s not places you want to be.

Every time I had a putt that I could be somewhat aggressive with today, I was able to make and put a good solid stroke on it.

Had some 3-putts on some greens and my second shot wasn’t the best.

Q. Last year this is -- you played two really solid rounds in a row. How are you feeling confidence-wise going into tomorrow?
KYLE WILLIAMS: I feel good. I’m swinging at it pretty good. I think the biggest jump for me has been on the green. My reads are not perfect, by any means, but I have a very good feel for them at this point. I kind of feel where the green’s moving, where it’s trying to take the ball, and really dialling in. And I think just committing, watch the putts, it does a lot of good for you.

Q. I understand you and Mardy have not played before. So tomorrow’s the first time you’ll be going at it head-to-head.
KYLE WILLIAMS: That will be our first chance to play together.

Q. Tell us about your game, as far as driver. Mardy is very straight driver, very long driver. How far are you averaging, you think, off the tees here at lake elevation?
KYLE WILLIAMS: I’m probably hitting it 300 yards, maybe a little more. I hit it far enough, not crazy far. Typically my short game and my putting carries me through.

These guys that play the swinging sports, they can always move that golf ball. I think the main thing for me is, like I said, just trusting and committing to every shot that I’m going to hit and play my game; and, listen, if the man is going to make 10 birdies, we’ll have a front row seat and cheer him on.

Q. What are your thoughts going into tomorrow? How do you like your chances?
KYLE WILLIAMS: I think if I can continue to hit the ball the way I have and marry it up with my putter, I think I have a good shot. Obviously, Mardy, the way he’s playing, the way he played today, he’s going to be tough to beat.

But all you can really ask for is an opportunity. When you get in this field with so many guys who have either won or been right there in it, been in contention, all you want is opportunity on Sunday to be in contention. That’s what we’ve got. Have to be confident and make some good swings and hopefully hole a few putts.

Q. Looking at the score, you eagled four today.
KYLE WILLIAMS: I hit driver. I hit 4-iron to probably 20 feet and made it right in there. I was lucky. Knew it was a pretty slick, fast putt. Luckily it went in dead center, because I probably would have had eight to nine feet coming back. I got a little aggressive with it. But sometimes that’s what it takes.

Q. These greens rolling about the same today as they were yesterday?
KYLE WILLIAMS: They’re pretty quick. Like I said, if you have a loose shot coming into a green and you leave yourself a sidehill, downhill, you’re giving yourself a better chance than not to 3-putt.

That’s what happened to me today on some of my 3-putts. I didn’t execute my second shot well. And there I am staring at a 30-foot putt, sidehill/downhill, and you tend to get tentative or too aggressive.


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