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American Century Championship
Sunday, July 12, 2020
Dell Curry
Steph Curry
Press Conference

THE MODERATOR: We have Steph and Dell Curry in the room. We understand this event ended up in a dead tie between father and son once again.

DELL CURRY: Well, we had the number system down pretty good. I had to bargain for those six extra points. Needed every one of them. And also needed to make a 2-putt from 60 feet on 18 to push it.

STEPH CURRY: Big putt.

Q. Who established the six-point difference?
STEPH CURRY: His game did, because he’s been playing the best golf of his life leading up to the tournament. So we started from, like, what, 30 points three years ago, now down to six. I needed all six in a good round today to come back. So that was good.

DELL CURRY: I thought I was going to cruise today, but he shoots 69. And great round. I knew I had to pick it up just to get a tie.

Q. He had it going pretty good, especially on the front nine. Did you have four birdies on the front nine?
STEPH CURRY: I did. Finally made some putts.

Q. A lot of birdies from what we saw on the back, you were putting on 10, 11, 12, from 12, 15 feet on all of them.
STEPH CURRY: That’s the fun part about this game. Every day is something different. I paid below my average the first two days. Then figure out something. And it’s what keeps you coming back to this tournament and just playing golf in general.

Q. Over the years, what’s the score now, is it 2-1-1, Steph ahead?
DELL CURRY: 2-1-1, he’s got the lead.

Q. What was the bet this year? Are you going to tell us? Do we know?
STEPH CURRY: Doesn’t matter now; it was a push. But as long as we can hopefully come back next year. He’s still got karaoke on deck, a song and outfit of my choice. Karaoke in my back pocket.

Q. Do you have an idea what that outfit is going to be?

Q. Steph, you finished, right now highest active player on the field, at third place. Dell, you are in a tie for seventh right now. So the Currys did a pretty good representation out here this year.
DELL CURRY: My goal was top 10 coming in. I was 15th last year, trying to get better. Top 10 was my goal. Looks like I might hit that.

Q. Steph, your career best, you were fourth and 17, if memory serves.
STEPH CURRY: Yeah, couple times. I don’t know what Smoltz is going to do at the last hole. Hopefully it stands. That was good.

Q. Will we have all three Currys?
STEPH CURRY: Seth is champing at the bit.

DELL CURRY: He’s been watching the whole tournament. He’s in Orlando, of course, but he wishes he could be here. But work comes first. So we’ll see what happens, see what happens next year.

Q. Take us back, when you played 20 years ago, whenever it was, how old were the kids, and what was going through your mind? And did you ever imagine being here with the group now?
DELL CURRY: It was stroke play then, and I was nowhere near the golfer that I am now. So it was rough. But it was a fun time.

I don’t think the kids came with me then. But I knew both boys were going to play golf. I knew both boys would play golf. It was fun having them here.

Q. Eight at the time?
DELL CURRY: I don’t remember what year it was.

Q. And then Dell, can you go top 5? Is that --
DELL CURRY: There’s some good golfers out there. Like Steph said, every day is different. You’ve got to make putts. The greens were lightning fast. So you had to hit it close for me to make putts. I just didn’t make enough putts today and had a couple of 3-putts and had a double as well. So you’ve got to stay pretty clean out here to be top 5. Some good golfers.

Q. Steph, when Michael Jordan played years ago, when he was an active player, he said once he retired he would win the tournament. And that did not work out for him. Is that what might be in the way of you winning the tournament? Do you think you could win before you retire? What do you think?
STEPH CURRY: I think I can. I came out a couple of finals runs and got a top 5. And then obviously this week. So it’s in there. That first day is always kind of the shaky one, just getting into competitive golf mentality, which is always -- it’s tough. This game is extremely hard.

So I do think I can get it done. But I’ve got a couple more years on the court. So maybe play the odds on that front, but I think I can get it done.

Q. Steph, do you come into this tournament thinking I want to be the lowest active player here; is that a goal for you, or is it I just want to be the lowest?
STEPH CURRY: Just always the lowest. I know in terms of active guys and our day jobs and how much we spend on our crafts outside of golf, but it’s nice to represent all the active guys in that respect; but to be the first active one, I think, to win it, I’m still searching for that one. That would mean a lot.

Q. Is Mr. Alvarez an honorary Curry now?
STEPH CURRY: We’ve spent some good time this week. He just started playing golf like 10, 11 months ago. And he broke 90. So we put a bet on him last night when we were on the range. And he actually did it. So we’re going to have some fun.

Q. All three of you are going in the lake?
STEPH CURRY: We’ll see. We’ll see.

FastScripts Transcript by ASAP Sports