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Beebe disputes new TV deals for Big 12

Perhaps the biggest news coming out commissioner Dan Beebe‘s press conference this afternoon -- other than the fact that Kansas, Kansas State, Missouri, Baylor and Iowa State are officially the rest of the Big 12’s biznatches -- is the fact that there is no new television in place for the Big 12.

In the wake of Texas recommitting to the league Monday, multiple reports had a tweaked television deal paying Texas upwards of $25 million -- and other schools at least doubling what they’ve been receiving -- as the linchpin in keeping the Big 12 intact.

Beebe said earlier today that there is no new TV deal from either FOX or ESPN/ABC; rather, the conference was assured -- with those assurances being relayed to all ten schools -- by various “consultants that we are in a tremendous position to reach agreements to put us on par with anyone in the country.” Additionally, there is no signed agreement that will keep the conference together. Instead, Beebe is taking them all at their word that they will remain true to the conference.

(About that Arizona oceanfront property, Mr. Beebe...)

Beebe also attempted to dispel the notion that UT held all of the cards in this situation.

“Texas has a lot of influence,” he said. “But I think you have to also look at Texas A&M and Oklahoma. They were hotly pursued by a number of conferences. Their value, based on their marketplace, history, were desirable. Frankly, they could have left for a guaranteed situation.

“One of the misnomers is this all about money. They are committed to this conference for more reasons than that.”


As for the five schools mentioned in the opening of this post? All five agreed to give up their share of penalties Colorado and Nebraska will have to pay, forking that money over instead to, mostly, Texas, Oklahoma and Texas A&M.

Oh yeah, we can see this newly-configured Big 12 having long-term viability. Yep.