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Nick Saban likens Denard Robinson to Cam Newton

Alabama-Michigan is (rightfully so) being hyped up as the biggest game of college football’s opening weekend.

Tide coach Nick Saban is already talking big too. Not about his team, but Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson. During a Monday press conference, Saban connected the senior quarterback to another dual-threat Alabama fans are more familiar with: ex-Auburn QB Cam Newton.

“They have as significant a player as we’ve seen since we played Cam Newton [in 2010], in terms of what he can do in a game, and how the offense is built around and features him.

“They have lots of good players, but he’s the guy that -- whether it’s a zone-read play or a quarterback power, or pass play -- he makes a lot of significant plays in the game that impact the game by what he does.

“He’s extremely fast, and has become a better passer each game, each year, and that’s a key.”

Robinson’s ability to pass the ball will be a focal point not only on Saturday, but during the season. Shoelace has said he’s made significant strides this offseason in that department, but anyone who watched the Wolverines play last season knows there were far too many arm punts from Robinson to feel the same way.

That was never an issue with Newton.

But Robinson has speed, he has quickness. There’s no doubt he can be a game changer. The question is will it be for better or worse on Saturday.