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Is this a pic of the Marlins new home uniforms?

Marlins cap

There’s no truth to the rumor that we’re changing the name of this site to MarlinsBallTalk. It just feels that way.

Anyway: the Marlins will officially unveil all of their newness -- name, logo, uniforms, etc. -- tonight, but David Villavicencio has snagged what looks like a sneak peak from what appears to be season tickets or season ticket forms or something:

Marlins uniform

Said it before and I’ll say it again: the hell with the haters. I like ‘em. I like that they’re doing something fresh and new. There was a time in this country when we didn’t look backwards all the time. We looked forward and tried stuff and didn’t care all that much if, in a few years, we realized it was a mistake.

Leave the understated block letters to the franchises crushed under the weight of their own history. If your team is less than 20-years-old, let your freak flag fly.