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Kyle Busch ‘wins’ WWE title, only to lose it moments later

Kyle Busch won another championship Monday night, only to lose it a short while later, the shortest-tenured title he has ever held.

But like his father has done so many times in come-from-behind wins on the racetrack, Busch’s young son Brexton came to the rescue and took the title back to regain the family’s honor.

The elder Busch, wife Samantha and Brexton were in Nashville, where he’ll be honored Thursday for earning his second NASCAR Cup championship, when they attended WWE’s “Monday Night Raw.”

Busch, with Michael Waltrip serving as “referee,” won the WWE’s “24/7” championship belt after Rowdy -- see, he already has a great wrestling nickname -- snuck up behind real WWE wrestler and reigning 24/7 champ R-Truth (aka Ron Killings) and pinned the grappler, with Waltrip calling out a three-count to make it all look official.

By “winning” the 24/7 championship, Busch was essentially ordained to be ready to defend the belt 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no matter where, when or against whomever.

Busch proudly toted his belt around the arena in celebration until R-Truth did his own sneak-up job a short while later, pinning Busch by his dressing room and reclaiming the 24/7 belt.

Not for long, though, as little 4-year-old Brexton did his own stealth move, grabbing the belt from a distracted R-Truth and running away to infamy, putting the Busch family name back in good standing in WWE annals.

But alas, there was a bit more drama, per mama Samantha’s Twitter feed: Kyle suffered a significant injury in the process of all the wrasslin’ exploits.

We’re not making this up, folks. Check out the storyline(s) from social media:

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