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Carmelo Anthony sounds happy in Denver. Right now.


The Nuggets are playing well — they are right in the mix on the second tier in the west with the Hornets and Spurs. They are 4-2, that with Chauncey Billups struggling with his shot and basically the entire front line injured.

So how does that affect Carmelo Anthony’s desire to leave? Hard to say, but he sounds pretty content in comments to reporters today, as reported by the Denver Post.

Could Anthony see himself staying with the organization?

“Sure, why not, I don’t see why not,” Anthony said…

“I want the team to do well, that’s why I go out there and do what I do – get everybody on the same page so we can win games,” he said. “I think my attitude would be totally different if I was here and we were 0-6 right now. Probably – but I can’t really speak on that, because we’re not. I’m in a good state right now.”

This is really no different than his public statements before about keeping his options open. It is through back channels that Anthony and his people have pushed, saying that he would not re-sign in Denver and asking for a trade. That is where the pressure remains.

On the record today, Anthony danced around the Chicago free agency question, saying that Chicago was a “top three” city but not saying he has thought about playing there. However, Chicago is on his list of places he told the Nuggets he wants to go.

That said, he is comfortable in Denver right now. Don’t mistake that for him staying, but that means the Nuggets will continue to be good so long as he remains in the powder blue uniform.