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Curry working on dribbling, shooting this summer

USA Basketball Men's National Team Training Camp

USA Basketball Men’s National Team Training Camp

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Most players go into the offseason and pick out a weakness of theirs to focus on and improve. Or maybe they work on a specific shot or skill they want to add to the repertoire. Blake Griffin worked on his jumper last summer (and this one), for example.

Well, it’s good to be the king — Stephen Curry is the reigning MVP and best players on the NBA champs, so he can do what he wants and people will say it is smart. This summer Curry went another direction — he focused on his ball handling and shooting. Which are already at the top of the league.

Curry was making the rounds promoting NBA 2K16 Monday in New York (he’s on the cover, it comes out Friday) and talked about what he needed to do to improve. From the Associated Press:

Curry said the focus of his offseason workouts was on getting stronger and faster to prevent injury, as well as the shooting and dribbling that are already at or near the top of the league.

“It’s not like I’ll go in and try to implement a post game, work on a hook shot or things like that,” Curry said. “I’ve just got to be able to take what I do well and make it even better.”

The important part is working on his physical strength — he can expect teams to try to be more physical with him this season. Defenders can’t do much out on the perimeter without drawing a whistle, but given the chance to body him (or worse) on a drive they are going to take it. Staying healthy is the first key to the Warriors repeating.

Curry is 27 and at the peak of his skills — and he knows who he is and is not. He’s not Kobe Bryant or LeBron James, where it made sense to add a post game to the skill set. I’m not sure Curry is strong enough to post up Nate Robinson. So making sure he can still create that little separation then drain the shot (or make the pass) makes sense.

He needs just to keep doing what he’s doing. He’s the king right now.