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Dennis Schroder slams ball into stands, doesn’t get technical foul (video)

The Hawks beat the Knicks in quadruple overtime yesterday, so the game obviously featured an abundance of critical moments.

One of them came in the third overtime, when Atlanta guard Dennis Schroder bounced the ball into the stands in frustration -- and didn’t draw a technical foul.

The NBA rulebook states:

Any player who throws or kicks the ball directly into the stands with force, regardless of the reason or where it lands, will be assessed a technical foul and ejected.
The first row of seats is considered the beginning of the stands.

Maybe this wasn’t direct because Schroder bounced it off the court? That seems to twist the intent of the rule, but officials somehow arrived at a decision not to call a technical foul. The ball clearly went into the stands, with a fan in the front row catching it.