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Draymond Green inspires Cavaliers, picks up technical, but will be there for Game 5

Cleveland Cavaliers' Kyrie Irving admits that the Golden State Warriors' trash talk sparked his team's Game 4 win.

The Cleveland Cavaliers came out playing with force in Game 4, playing with passion inspired in part by Draymond Green.

“Well, I didn’t hear it, but some of the other guys heard it and told me that that they wanted to celebrate on our floor once again and they wanted to spray champagne in our locker rooms, and I think it came from Draymond, which is okay, that’s Dray anyway,” LeBron James said after Game 4.

During the game Draymond Green picked up what we all thought was a technical in the first half, so when he got another in the second half everyone thought he was gone — they played Ray Charles’ “Hit the road Jack” in the arena — then the referees said they had made a mistake and the first technical was on Steve Kerr. Green stayed in the game, which led to boos everytime he touched the ball.

After the game, Green said of Cleveland fans, “I don’t pay much attention to anybody in Cleveland, honestly. Don’t seem to be the sharpest people around.”

Green is once again enemy No. 1 in Cleveland. Cavaliers fans were chanting his name during the game with some other words, and not in a “we appreciate your hard work” kind of way.” That’s not how Green took it, however.

“It shows me how important I am to them,” he said after the game. “I mean, they be at home thinking about me. If you’re coming to the game and chanting my name, that means they’re at home thinking about me. So shout-out to them. I appreciate the love.”

However, don’t compare last year’s Game 4 to this one, the Warriors aren’t into your 3-1 talk.

“At the end of the day, the series is a little different,” Green said. “Thank God I get to play in Game 5.”

“Last year is last year, this year is this year,” Kerr echoed. “I’m pretty sure Draymond won’t get suspended for Game 5. Maybe he will. I don’t know. But we’ll go back and tee it up again.”

He’s not going to be suspended. Even if he had been given two technicals, they did not rise to suspension level offenses (Zaza Pachulia on the other hand...).

Also different this year? Kevin Durant. Green, for his part, is ready for Game 5.