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Lakers’ Larry Nance Jr. dunks all over Festus Ezeli

The best part of this is Larry Nance Jr. with the Jordan shrug as he ran back down court.

Through Summer League and into preseason, Nance has looked pretty good — he may only be averaging 3.5 points a game but he’s shooting 71 percent from the floor and he has shown a good hoops IQ with his passing. He’s still playing like a rookie at times, and we’ll see how he does when the games matter and the other team is more focused, but there is real promise.

Here he just blew past James Michael McAdoo and then showed no fear that Festus Ezeli was there to protect the rim — he just threw it down over the Warriors’ big man. That was impressive.

The Lakers won the shortened game 85-70. The game in San Diego was cut short because the floor was wet and slippery, and after LeAndro Barbosa slipped and fell late in the third quarter the referees decided to suspend play rather than risk injury. That was the right call.