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LeBron James, Chris Paul, other NBA players back Charles Oakley in feud with Knicks

Reggie Miller tries to explain why Charles Oakley got arrested at a Knicks game on Wednesday night.

NBA players are going to always have each other’s back when it comes to feuds with management.

Make it a player some of the NBA’s older generation grew up admiring for how hard he played — Charles Oakley — and an organization where plenty of players around the league have issues with management, and you will get players coming down hard on one side of the scales.

Oakley scuffled with a security guard, was thrown out of Madison Square Garden and arrested during the Knicks home loss to the Clippers Wednesday. Oakley said he paid for a seat and didn’t say anything to provoke this, it was just James Dolan being petty. The Knicks say that’s total crap, having doubled down on making a beloved former player the villain.

Taking to social media, players past and present sided exclusively with Oakley.



Even one Knicks’ superfan who was never a player sided with Oakley.


At this point, the league just has to be embarrassed with how the Knicks have handled this.