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Sixers accidentally put Bo Outlaw, not Travis, on their roster page

Travis Outlaw

Travis Outlaw


On Monday, the New York Knicks traded journeyman forward Travis Outlaw to the Philadelphia 76ers for little-used third-year big man Arnett Moultrie. Following the trade, the Sixers updated the roster page on their website to show a picture of their newest player.

One problem: They posted the wrong guy. Rather than Travis Outlaw, they updated their roster to include a picture of Bo Outlaw, whom you may remember from the turn-of-the-century Orlando Magic. Bo Outlaw is 43 years old and retired from the NBA in 2008.

Here’s a screenshot, via SB Nation:


There are two equally sad pieces to this story:

1. Bo, at age 43 and seven years into retirement, could very well be a better player than Travis.

2. Even still, Travis would still probably be one of the five best players on a historically awful Sixers team.

It doesn’t matter regardless, because the Sixers waived Outlaw immediately following the trade. Probably because he was too good. Which is sad, because Travis Outlaw hasn’t been a relevant NBA player since 2009.