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Suddenly famous Pacers fan: ‘We took it seriously, but it was SO MUCH fun’ (video)

A Pacers fan – instantly nicknamed “Karen” – went viral after her profane cameo in “The Last Dance” documentary on Michael Jordan and the Bulls.

Her actual name? Kathy Martin Harrison.

She spoke to Kevin Rader of WTHR and comes across far less viciously than she did in those brief clips:

Martin Harrison said a cameraman at the 1998 Eastern Conference finals asked her to sign a release form in case there’s ever a film on Jordan in the future. Footage sat dormant for years until Jordan approved this project.

Though Harrison heckled many players, she held special vitriol for Jordan, who went 10-3 in Indiana during his championship seasons entering the 1998 playoffs.

Martin Harrison, via Scott Agness of The Athletic:

“I’m over Michael because all the years they were in our face,” Martin Harrison says now. “You’d show up to Market Square and it was always sold out to Bulls fans. Here’s us four people on the bench with our little Pacers shirts on and nobody would yell for the Pacers. It was all this pent-up stuff.

The Pacers went 3-0 at home in the 1998 Eastern Conference finals. But it wasn’t enough, as the Bulls had home-court advantage and swept the four games in Chicago.

The Bulls went on to beat the Jazz in the NBA Finals, completing the storybook ending at the basis of the documentary and setting up Martin Harrison to receive her 15 minutes of fame.