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2009 boating accident that claimed the lives of two NFL players is becoming a film

Shane Lechler, Nnamdi Asomugha, Sebastian Janikowski, Rodney Hudson and Khalil Mack are tabbed by Chris Simms and Ahmed Fareed as the Las Vegas Raiders' best 21st century non-quarterbacks.

In February 2009, a fishing trip that started in Tampa ended in tragedy, with three of the four men on a boat that capsized drowning. One man survived.

A movie is currently being filmed regarding the incident. according to Fox 13 in Tampa.

Not Without Hope tells the story of Nick Schuyler, a former USF football player who’s the sole survivor. Raiders linebacker Marquis Cooper and Lions defensive end Corey Smith died, along with former USF football player William Bleakley.

The boat capsized after the anchor became stuck, and the engine was gunned in an effort to dislodge it.

“Nick has been committed to a singular goal and that is to make everyone know that the last thing about these guys was not how they died, what you need to know all the heroic things they did to keep one another alive and that’s why he agreed to make this movie,” producer Rick French said.

The movie is being film on Malta, in oversized water tanks. The same location was used for the film Captain Phillips.

Zachary Levi, who played Kurt Warner in American Underdog, plays Schuyler. Josh Duhamel co-stars as a Coast Guard commander.

Not Without Hope is expected to be released in late 2024.