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Albert Haynesworth: If I have haters, I’m doing something right

A. Haynesworth

In 2011, his final NFL season, Albert Haynesworth was voted one of the Top 5 most disliked players in the NFL. Haynesworth thinks that must mean he’s doing good things.

In an interview to promote a new restaurant he’s opening, Haynesworth told the Knoxville News that he sees all the criticism he takes as a positive sign.

When you’re successful a lot of people are going to come after you. . . . A lot of people call it haters,” Haynesworth said. “If you’ve got haters, that means you’re doing something right.”

Of course, there may be other reasons for people to dislike Haynesworth. Like stepping on an opponent’s helmetless head while wearing cleats. Or inappropriately touching a waitress. Or seriously injuring someone while driving recklessly. Or giving up on his team during games. Or showing up to training camp out of shape.

Or maybe Haynesworth is right, and everyone just hates him because he’s successful.