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Alvin Kamara was arrested after the Pro Bowl, at Allegiant Stadium

Mike Florio and Chris Simms react to Alvin Kamara getting arrested for battery in Las Vegas and wonder how the NFL will handle its side of Kamara's punishment.

The Pro Bowl ended at 2:38 local time in Las Vegas. Eighteen minutes later, police were reading Saints running back Alvin Kamara his Miranda rights, inside Allegiant Stadium.

Based on the full police report, a copy of which PFT has obtained and stadium, Kamara was arrested and interviewed by police at the stadium after the game ended. He agreed to waive his rights and speak to police.

Images from surveillance video make it clear that it’s him. Other details in the report (including credit-card transactions) place Kamara at the scene. Also, Kamara pointed himself out in photos taken that night, presumably by surveillance cameras.

Kamara told police that the victim, Darnell Greene, called one of Kamara’s friend’s “ugly” and said to Kamara, “I’ll whoop your ass, too.” Kamara said that he saw a fight break out next to him, and that he saw Greene get punched. Kamara admitted to throwing “a couple punches, thinking the guy was running away.” Kamara said he didn’t remember whether he punched Greene while Greene was on the ground.

Fourth, the report indicates that the video contradicts Kamara’s version of the events. Kamara said he punched Greene as he was running away. The video shows that Greene had been punched by someone with Kamara, and “then Kamara immediately attacked” Greene.

As Simms and I explained on Monday’s #PFTPM (Tuesday’s PFT Live), Kamara could be in extra-deep trouble with the league over this. It’s one thing for a player to run afoul of the law on his own time. Kamara was in Las Vegas on NFL business. While he was technically doing his own thing a day before the game, the league surely won’t take kindly to a player being involved in this kind of thing while in Las Vegas for a league event.

To make matters worse, Kamara’s alleged misbehavior resulted in police showing up at a league event to make an arrest. The powers-that-be can’t be happy about that.

Still, it’s one of the practical problems of holding an event like the Pro Bowl in Las Vegas. Unlike Hawaii, where the NFL players are basically off to themselves, players in Las Vegas will intermingle with non-players. And if a non-player decides to say or do something to prove a player, there could be a problem.

Kamara definitely has a problem, both with the authorities and with the authority of the Commissioner.