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Andy Dalton learning a new offense in a new way

The Cincinnati Bengals are hoping that John Ross will have a breakout season and become the player they hoped he'd be coming out of Washington.

Andy Dalton’s getting used to a new coach for the first time in his career, but more importantly, he’s getting used to a new way of doing business.

It’s natural that the Bengals’ offense is changing under new boss Zac Taylor, and that requires a new set of instructional techniques.

Via Albert Breer of, the Bengals have been installing their new system as a group — rather than particular positions — as Taylor tries to instill the concepts he’s bringing after his stint with the Rams under Sean McVay.

“A lot of times the quarterbacks get all that information, you know why you’re calling it, you know what you want it in,” Dalton said. “But now everyone’s getting that information. It makes it easier for guys to be on the same page, because they know why [a play] is called. That’s why it’s been really good. . . .

“The easiest way to play your best is to not have to think out there, know exactly what you’re doing, and just react and play. I think with this system — that’s how you want to play in general — but how we have this thing established is very much like Sean was saying. You make easier on all the guys to make sure that you can play fast. But the way you do it makes it look different for the defense.”

This is an important season for Dalton, as he can no longer depend on inertia providing job security. He has two years left on his contract, but no guarantees, so it will be on him to impress the new boss.

“Marvin [Lewis] had a great 16 years here,” Dalton said. “I think if you talk to any coach, and you say you could have 16 years in one place, anyone would sign up for that. So we lot of success with Marvin. But with Zac, obviously, he’s younger, and you can feel the energy level in the building. It’s been a lot of fun, from the meetings to the practice field, to everything.

“That’s not to say it wasn’t fun before, but that’s just the vibe we have right now. It’s been good. Guys are competing.”

And that includes the quarterback, who prepped for the competition by watching every snap the Rams ran last year, so he has a better sense of what Taylor is looking for.