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Blaine Gabbert knows he took too many hits

Blaine Gabbert played well in the 49ers' opener but by not sliding he opened himself up to a lot of big hits in the open field.

When it comes to keeping quarterbacks healthy, the analysis is fairly simple. Which qualifies me to engage in it.

The more hits the quarterback takes, the more likely it becomes that the quarterback will be injured.

On Monday night, 49ers quarterback Blaine Gabbert (or, depending on the graphics package employed by ESPN, Glaine Babbert) absorbed too much contact by failing to slide or otherwise avoid defenders. After the game, Gabbert a/k/a Babbert knew he should have done a better job of protecting himself.

“There were some times I definitely should’ve and could’ve slid,” Gabbert told reporters. “We’ll probably watch those on film and see where I could slide. But, you know, I was just playing the game and trying to get first downs and you’re going to take some shots every now and then. You just want to try and minimize those as a quarterback.”

Yes, you do. If not, ESPN soon will be calling you Glaine Babbert III.