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Buzz builds that Colts could take Griffin


On Sunday, Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star essentially guaranteed that the Colt will select quarterback Andrew Luck with the first pick in the 2012 draft. (Then again, there were media guarantees six years ago that the Texans would select Reggie Bush with the first pick.)

But that hasn’t stopped folks from taking the recent words of Colts owner Jim Irsay at face value. Last week, Irsay said the first pick remains “up in the air.”

Now comes from a somewhat unlikely source further evidence indicating that the Colts could choose Robert Griffin III, after all. ESPN’s Michael Wilbon, during a phone-in visit with PTI partner Tony Kornheiser, said that the Colts are indeed pondering using the pick on Griffin.

“It’s not like I’m following this closely, but I had the occasion over the weekend to talk to a couple of people who have intimate knowledge of what the Colts are thinking,” Wilbon said, via the Washington Post. “And you and I have talked very briefly on the show about are they still considering RGIII? Tony, I’m told they are.

“And I’m told that the main reason they are is because there are people in the organization and people they consult -- and now you consult all these different people about something as important as a number one overall draft pick, a maybe once in a generation pick. And they are of the opinion, some people that are having input into this pick, that RGIII is better in the pocket.”

Several analysts have declared Griffin the better prospect, possessing a higher ceiling while Luck, in the opinion of some, has a higher floor.

The Redskins are believed to be happy to have either guy. Still, the Colts could end up facing the same dilemma that the franchise last confronted 14 years ago, choosing between Peyton Manning and Ryan Leaf.

That time, the Colts guessed right. This time, who knows?

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