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Cell phone on Giants sideline didn’t violate the rules


Twelve days ago, the Giants committed a brazen and blatant violation of the in-game communications rules when coach Ben McAdoo used a walkie-talkie to relay plays to quarterback Eli Manning. On Thursday night, the Giants appeared to commit a separate violation of the rules.

They didn’t. In response to a photo making the rounds of someone in Giants gear holding a cell phone during the loss at Philadelphia, the NFL tells PFT that the use of the device was permitted.

It was permitted because the person using it was Ronnie Barnes, the team’s Senior Vice President, Medical Services and Head Athletic trainer.

Here’s the rule: “Team doctors and members of the athletic training staff are permitted to use tablet devices, cell phones, smart phones, or similar devices within the bench area and locker room to communicate player injury information, but may not communicate competitive or strategic information.”

Bottom line? There will be no further involuntary contributions to the Human Fund from the Giants. At least not for Barnes having and using his phone.