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Chiefs finally take care of Andy Reid

Something was wrong with this picture.

Chiefs coach Andy Reid, one of the greatest to ever do it, was making only $12.5 million per year. Roughly half of what Bill Belichick was believed to be making in New England.

It needed to change. It finally has changed. And while it shouldn’t have taken that long for the Chiefs to take care of Reid, better late than never.

Along the way, the Chiefs were indeed preparing for the possibility that Reid would retire after the 2023 season. The fact that he didn’t doesn’t change the fact that the Chiefs were preparing for the possibility. (Even though plenty of Chiefs fans believe that, by not retiring, Reid absolutely never considered it and the Chiefs absolutely never anticipated the possibility.)

Here’s where I’ll pull back the curtain, a little bit, on how the sausage gets stuffed. If/when I’m barking up the wrong tree on something, I’ll inevitably hear about it — from someone with the team, someone associated with the person (if not the person himself), or an intermediary who has been assigned the task of setting me straight. Not once did I hear a peep from the Chiefs or Reid or anyone connected to them that the Chiefs weren’t or shouldn’t be preparing for the possibility that Reid would retire.

Publicly, everyone said what they had to say. Privately, the Chiefs were indeed preparing for the possibility that Reid would retire.

Without a major raise, maybe he would have. Maybe he (or his agent) suggested retirement as an option without a new deal. Maybe it would have been an option. Why keep doing the job for 50 percent of what Belichick was getting?

There’s no salary cap for coaches. Reid could have, in theory, pulled a Sean Payton, taking a year off and then naming his price for, say, the Bills.

The move helped Payton get to, reportedly, $20 million per year. Whatever happened behind the scenes got Reid what he deserves. If, along the way, he had to make the Chiefs consider their options for life without Reid in order to make it happen, so be it.

Because it worked.