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Chip Kelly: My play calling isn’t too predictable, problem is execution

Chip Kelly


Chip Kelly says criticism of his play calling is not the problem on the 0-2 Eagles. The problem is the players’ execution.

Asked about criticisms that the Eagles’ offense is too predictable and opposing defenses have figured them out, Kelly said the reality is that the Eagles aren’t that predictable. They just need the players to run the plays better.

“I think we’ve been varied in our two games, and through our preseason and everything, we’ve been doing a different job, changing formations and things like that. When you’re not successful, I think guys are grasping at excuses, to be honest with you. We still need to block and tackle,” Kelly said. “What I’m saying is we need to execute.”

There’s little doubt that the Eagles need to execute better, but Kelly’s comments come across like he’s blaming his players instead of looking in the mirror. And even if the blame is on the players, they’re Kelly’s hand-picked players running Kelly’s system. It’s his job to get results.

So far, Kelly’s results are 0-2.