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Claiborne gives birth to a four on the Wonderlic


The NFL has kept the Wonderlic results under tighter wraps than usual this year. Or maybe the media has had enough other things to keep itself occupied.

Regardless, the first eye-opening score has leaked from the 2012 edition of the 50-question Wonderlic test. Per multiple league sources, LSU cornerback Morris Claiborne scored a four.

Yes. A four. Out of 50.

Six years ago, quarterback Vince Young initially got a six. Re-scoring of the test bumped it to a seven. A next-day Mulligan moved it to 13.

Finally, Young has someone at whom he can point and laugh.

The joke, however, continues to be on anyone who thinks that all college athletes are also students. Plenty of them aren’t. They’re minor-league football players who have no choice but to wait at least three years until they get a shot at joining the NFL.

How else can anyone explain a person who presumably has found a way to avoid failing out of college getting such a low score on a basic intelligence test?

And that gives rise to a more important question. What did LSU actually do to keep Claiborne from failing out of school?