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David Carr doubles down on his Jalen Hurts comments

On Tuesday, NFL Network’s David Carr infused some relevance into a largely irrelevant weeknight studio show by suggesting that the Eagles should bench Jalen Hurts for Marcus Mariota.

On Wednesday, Carr appeared once again on Total Access, ostensibly to clarify his comments. In clarifying them, his position became even more clear.

Bench Hurts and play Mariota until Hurts is healthy.

Here’s the clip. The host sets it up by saying to Carr, “In no way did you ever say Jalen Hurts needs to be benched.” BUT CARR DID. And then . . . HE DID IT AGAIN.

Carr’s point is that Hurts should be benched in favor of Mariota, so that Hurts can get healthy for the postseason. Carr currently believes Hurts isn’t playing at the highest possible level, and that the Eagles should go with Mariota until Hurts returns to 100 percent.

It was the point Carr made on Tuesday. And it was the same point Carr made on Wednesday, even as the host suggested Carr was going to walk it all back.

Just own it, NFL Network. Don’t gaslight it. Carr said what he said. Don’t try to say he said something other than what he said, especially when he’s given a chance to clean up the mess and he SAYS IT AGAIN.

Watch the clip. Carr believes Hurts should be benched for Mariota until Hurts is healthy. Period. Full stop. End of conversation.

The best news for the NFL is that we’re writing a story about what once was the centerpiece of the network’s existence for the first time since Rich Eisen hosted the show.