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DeAndre Baker, Quinton Dunbar remain at large

Seahawks CB Quinton Dunbar and Giants CB Deandre Baker are facing multiple counts of armed robbery after an incident at a party in Florida.

More than a day after arrest warrants were issued for Giants cornerback DeAndre Baker and Seahawks cornerback Quinton Dunbar (pictured), both men remain at large.

They face felony charges arising from alleged involvement in an armed robbery. Via David Ovalle of the Miami Herald, Dunbar’s lawyer has professed his client’s innocence. [Editor’s note: They rarely if ever say, “Yep, he did it.”]

Lawyer Michael Grieco contends that he presented multiple affidavits to the prosecutor’s office, but that the authorities still expect Dunbar to turn himself in, or be arrested.

“All of the affidavits indicate my client is innocent,” Greico said, adding that the police seem to be reveling in the fact that they have a chance to reel in a big fish.

“I have never in my career seen a police department so excited about arresting a celebrity,” Greico said.

Greico wouldn’t say whether Dunbar will turn himself in. Although he’s not violating the law while remaining at large, showing up voluntarily typically entails a procedure less onerous than the cuffing and stuffing that is reserved for those who choose to force the police to come get them.

Even if Dunbar is innocent, the case won’t be dismissed based on comments his lawyer makes to the media. Dunbar needs to show up, go through the process, and hope that the strong constitutional protections aimed at keeping innocent men from being wrongfully jailed will keep him from being convicted.

Via Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times, Miramar, Florida authorities dispute the suggestion that the police are treating Dunbar and Baker any differently than anyone else. The police also say that none of the witnesses to the alleged crime have recanted statements given at the scene.

Regardless of whether that is or isn’t true, the charges stand, and they’re not going to go away simple because Dunbar, Baker, and/or Grieco want them to.