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Did the Vikes do Bobby Wade dirty?

In the wake of the Vikings’ abrupt decision to cut receiver Bobby Wade only three days before Week One of the regular season, a league source opines that Minnesota pulled a dirty move on the veteran receiver.

“It’s cardinal sin in a locker room to get a player to reduce his salary and then cut him,” the source said.

That’s the great unknown, for now -- the reaction of the rank-and-file to the loss of one of the team’s veteran leaders. But based on the source’s assessment, there likely will be some ruffled feathers.

Whether it becomes a full-blown schism remains to be seen.

The other angle here is the man who caused the original schism reports: Brett Favre. Given that coach Brad Childress has been catering to Favre’s every whim since Favre unretired last month, it’s unlikely that Childress cut Wade without Favre’s approval or consent.

So the perception could (and maybe should) be that Favre could have saved Wade’s job by intervening on his behalf. The fact that he didn’t might stir up some of the resentment that was put to rest once Favre threw a crackback block on Texans safety Eugene Wilson.