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Eli Manning settles memorabilia fraud suit

Eli Manning has decided to settle his memorabilia fraud lawsuit and that causes speculation that this is a systematic issue at the Giants.

Eli Manning will no longer have a potentially serious legal issue hanging over his head.

Manning has settled the memorabilia fraud lawsuit that had been scheduled to begin today, a league source tells PFT.

At the last minute the trial did not start today because of a death in the family of one of the attorneys, but now there will be no trial, as Manning and the plaintiffs have agreed to a settlement.

Manning was accused of fraudulently passing off memorabilia as game-worn even though he hadn’t worn it in a game. At the center of the dispute were messages from Manning to a team equipment manager asking for helmets “that can pass as game used.”

The plaintiffs said they were duped by Manning into paying for “game-used” items that weren’t actually used in games. Now that issue will not go before a jury, and Manning has put it behind him.