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Hub Arkush issues written apology for speaking about his plan to not vote for Aaron Rodgers

After publicly attacking Aaron Rodgers and sharing why he won't be voting for him to be NFL MVP, Hub Arkush apologized but not for the reasons Mike Florio and Myles Simmons thought he should.

On Wednesday afternoon, Hub Arkush returned to the airwaves of 670 The Score in Chicago with a qualified apology regarding his comments from Tuesday articulating his intention to not vote for Aaron Rodgers for NFL MVP for reasons other than his on-field performance. More recently, Arkush has reduced that apology to writing.

But he continues to apologize only for publicly disclosing his wrong-headed reasoning about the vote, not for having wrong-headed reasoning. Indeed, nothing he said today or wrote tonight suggests that the intense pushback he experienced has caused him to reevaluate the situation and change his position. By all appearances, he continues to be intent on not voting for Rodgers, for improper reasons.

Indeed, Arkush seems to think that the criticism he has endured misses the mark.

“I’ve apparently unleashed a small army of self-styled social media and talk radio experts who have no clue what they’re talking about to challenge the quality of the voting process and would attempt to invalidate any vote or thought process that doesn’t agree with their own,” Arkush writes.

Now that’s the kind of abject contrition you don’t see every day.

Bottom line? Arkush is sorry only because he said the quiet part out loud. He’s not sorry for the quiet part. Thus, his apology should not keep the Associated Press from immediately rescinding his vote and reassigning it before the ballots for the 2021 season are cast next week.