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J.J. Watt hints that, after leaving the Texans, he was interested in joining the Packers

Mike Florio and Chris Simms shed light on how bringing Aaron Rodgers’ former Packers teammates to New York is a strategic move to help get the Jets offense on the same page faster.

After defensive tackle J.J. Watt left the Texans, he landed with the Cardinals. Some thought he’d land with the Packers, in his home state of Wisconsin.

Appearing recently on the Rise and Schein podcast with Adam Schein, Watt was asked whether he thought about finishing his career with the Packers.

“There’s certainly a part of me that thought about that,” Watt said. “There’s a story for another day.”

Schein pressed for more.

“I can’t share,” Watt said. “That’s a story for like a memoir someday. There was certainly a thought for that. It’s just sometimes don’t materialize in a way that it all is gonna -- sometimes it just doesn’t materialize.”

Schein tried one last question: “Did you think there was a chance and maybe you wanted it and they didn’t?”

“Sometimes, things just don’t materialize,” Watt said. “Sometimes things just don’t happen the way fairy tales are supposed to happen.”

So, yes, it appears Watt wanted it and the Packers didn’t. Why they didn’t apparently will be addressed in “Why The Packers Prevented My Fairy Tale: The J.J. Watt Story.”