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K balls can be prepped before games

From time to time during the extended #DeflateGate saga, reference has been made to the preparation of K balls before the start of a game. Many have been confused by such comments, since there’s a belief that the K balls come straight out of the box, with no preparation.

Actually, preparation of the out-of-the-box K balls occurs in the presence of the officials, with each team having up to 45 minutes to work on the balls. The NFL recently reminded teams of the do’s and don’t’s for pregame K ball preparation.

The K balls arrive from Wilson inflated to 13.0 PSI, and they’re buffed with a sponge and brushed with a ball brush. The K ball is then individually bagged and sealed for shipping.

Before a given game, teams are allowed to: (1) apply a wet towel to the ball; (2) brush it with a standard ball brush; (3) use the side of the brush to soften the leather and remove the slickness of the ball; and (4) use the back of the brush to warm the leather and polish the ball.

The following actions are prohibited: (1) submersing the ball in water; (2) using a buffing machine; (3) sticking a knee into the ball; (4) standing on the ball; (5) exerting any other excess pressure to alter the shape of the ball; (6) bouncing the ball; (7) throwing the ball; (8) using any hard surface to alter the shape of the ball; or (9) adding air above 13.5 PSI at any point in the process.

It’s a bit odd that the rules say nothing about deflating the K balls at any point in the process, given the controversy that continues to hover over the league like the intestinally-processed odor of last night’s chili. While kickers would have no desire to kick a deflated ball, removing air could make it easier to grip the ball for preparation purposes.

In 2009, a Jets employee was suspended for attempting to use unapproved equipment in the preparation process. As Jay Feely recently explained it on The Doug Gottlieb Show, the employee tried to place a pad on the brush for comfort purposes during what can be a vigorous rubbing of the K ball in order to remove the slickness of the brand-new ball.