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More than 24 teams reportedly will attend the Colin Kaepernick workout

Mike Florio and Big Cat discuss the latest news on Colin Kaepernick's NFL-sanctioned workout, which 13 teams have committed to attending so far.

The behind-the-scenes arm twisting apparently is working.

A day after only 11 teams were scheduled to attend Saturday’s Colin Kaepernick dog-and-pony show about nothing in Atlanta, the number has now spiked to more than 24, per Adam Schefter of

The number of teams attending doesn’t really matter. What matters is the job title and influence of the people who will be attending. Low-level scouts have little or no sway; it’s just part of the façade. A façade that has a purpose other than actually getting Kaepernick employed.

Again, if the goal were to get Kaepernick employed, the phone calls and other communications that persuaded more than 13 teams in 24 hours to send someone to the Kaepernick workout (even though they could have worked him out at any time in the past 32-plus months but haven’t) would have focused on getting someone to give him a legitimate workout at a team facility, or to offer him a contract.

It will be very interesting to see what happens next. Chances are that it will be nothing, barring another rash of quarterback injuries like the one that happened earlier this year -- and that still didn’t result in Kaepernick’s phone ringing once.