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Packers once again fail to get an upgrade at receiver

Mike Florio and Chris Simms discuss the ramifications of the Packers not picking up any weapons for Aaron Rodgers and question how hard they really tried to get Chase Claypool.

In 2021, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers nearly retired over disillusionment regarding the front office’s failure to accept his input regarding moves the team should make. Since then, they’ve begun to accept his input -- even if they don’t really act on it.

Beyond bringing back receiver Randall Cobb, what have the Packers really done to upgrade the position? They sort-of tried to land Odell Beckham, Jr. in 2021, and they reportedly made an effort to get Chase Claypool on Tuesday.

Ultimately, the Packers missed out on Claypool because the Steelers believed the second-round pick from Chicago would be higher than the second-round pick from Green Bay.

Couldn’t the Packers have done a little more, if they really wanted him? Throw in another pick. Add a conditional selection, based on his performance or wins or whatever. Tack a 2024 selection onto the package. Do something to break the tie with the Bears.

If the Packers really wanted him. Maybe they didn’t really want him. Maybe they just wanted to make Rodgers think they tried to get him.

The Packers have been, for 30 years, a draft-and-develop team. They don’t make big moves for established players. They don’t take chances. It likely traces to the lack of an owner to provide the impetus or supply ultimate approval quickly and efficiently. But it’s also baked into the DNA of the team.

Draft. Develop. Play it safe. No sudden moves. Slow and steady wins the race.

How often do slow-and-steady teams win a Super Bowl in today’s NFL? Look around the league. Which teams are currently displaying urgency, and which ones aren’t?

The Bills, Ravens, Chiefs, and Vikings are. The Packers aren’t. They never do. Currently, they apparently think it’s enough to make their franchise quarterback believe they’re making an effort.

Even if it’s half-hearted.