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Pete Carroll on roster turnover: It’s a thrill to go through this

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll finds the team's roster rebuild "thrilling" and already has the main foundational piece, Russell Wilson, to speed up the process.

Seahawks linebacker K.J. Wright said recently that the massive turnover of the roster this offseason has left the team with a level of hunger that wasn’t in place in recent seasons because there are so many players trying to prove themselves.

For those optimistic about how things will turn out in Seattle, that is reminiscent of 2010, 2011 and 2012 as the Seahawks team that would go on to win a Super Bowl was being put together. Others see how many players have moved on and wonder if the team can have the same success twice.

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said that players change but “the philosophy doesn’t” and counts himself firmly in the camp that believes their philosophy will bear fruit once again.

“They’re just different people,” Carroll said, via Albert Breer of “Nobody knew who Richard was or who Kam was back in the day. There are guys in that room right now that they’re going to know about in time. It’s thrilling. It’s a thrill to go through this and watch it happen, watch it emerge. There’s so much energy, so much positive juice from these guys, the effort they’re giving. Wait and see. I ain’t worried one bit. Not one bit. I see who they are and what they’re doing.”

One big difference Carroll notes between this team and the first one he built is that they have the quarterback position settled with Russell Wilson. The coach calls that “so instrumental in your future,” although it remains to be seen how well they are going to outfit the team around him.