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PFT’s final 2022 NFL power rankings

The FNIA crew dive into Week 18, where the Bills earned the No. 2 seed with a heartfelt win over the Patriots, the Dolphins snuck into the playoffs, the Bengals defeated the Ravens and more.

1. 49ers (13-4; last edition No. 1): Nearly 30 years later, Super Bowl win No. 6 could be coming.

2. Bills (13-3; No. 2): Nearly 30 years later, Super Bowl appearance No. 5 -- and win No. 1 -- could be coming.

3. Chiefs (14-3; No. 3): Neutral site or not for the AFC title game, that week off comes in handy.

4. Eagles (14-3; No. 4): Lately, they’re not looking like the team they’ve been.

5. Bengals (12-4; No. 5): They’re good enough to win it all -- and feisty enough to do it, too.

6. Vikings (13-4; No. 7): They’ll beat the Giants by 2-4 points, or lose by 20-40.

7. Lions (9-8; No. 12): One of the rare NFL teams other than the Super Bowl champ who is truly happy after their final game of the year.

8. Jaguars (9-8; No. 10): They’ve come a long, long way from Urban Meyer.

9. Cowboys (12-5; No. 6): They’re definitely not going into the playoffs on a high note.

10. Chargers (10-7; No. 9): Other coaches eyeing possible jobs are quietly plotting ways to stab Brandon Staley in the back. On Sunday, he handed them a knife.

11. Steelers (9-8; No. 15): Every AFC playoff team should be thrilled they didn’t make it.

12. Giants (9-7-1; No. 13): No matter what happens in the playoffs, it was a great year.

13. Ravens (10-6; No. 8): Even with Tyler Huntley, they’ll have a rough time against the Bengals.

14. Buccaneers (8-9; No. 22): Tom Brady’s 47 career playoff games will come in handy, starting on Monday.

15. Seahawks (9-8; No. 18): Division rivals are always dangerous opponents. Could the Seahawks have something special in store for San Fran?

16. Dolphins (9-8; No. 11): Will anyone be rooting for Miami this weekend?

17. Packers (8-9; No. 16): They’re great when the pressure is off. When it’s on, they can’t deliver.

18. Patriots (8-9; No. 17): They played as well as anyone could have in Buffalo on Sunday.

19. Browns (7-10; No. 21): Things could get interesting with Deshaun Watson for a full season.

20. Commanders (8-8-1; No. 14): Why not give Sam Howell a full season to show what he can do?

21. Titans (7-10; No. 19): From 7-3 to 7-10, and plenty of changes coming.

22. Panthers (7-10; No. 23): Steve Wilks did enough to earn that job.

23. Saints (7-10; No. 24): Get a quarterback, and things could get interesting.

24. Jets (7-10; No. 20): Maybe they should sign Geno Smith in free agency.

25. Falcons (7-10; No. 27): Folks may start inching toward the hot seat next year.

26. Raiders (6-11; No. 25): Why didn’t they pivot to Jarrett Stidham earlier?

27. Rams (5-12; No. 26): The Rams sold their soul for a silver trophy, and the devil showed up sooner than expected to collect.

28. Broncos (5-12; No. 32): They finished on a high note. After way too many low notes.

29. Cardinals (4-13; No. 28): Will they pay for a high-end head coach?

30. Bears (3-14; No. 29): They would have been winless without Justin Fields.

31. Texans (3-12-1; No. 30): The Texans are the gang that couldn’t tank straight.

32. Colts (4-12-1; No. 31): The best part of giving Jeff Saturday the interim coaching job is that it gave Jim Irsay enough evidence to conclude he shouldn’t give Saturday the permanent coaching job.