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Purchaser of Tom Brady’s (not) final touchdown pass couldn’t believe it when Brady returned

Mike Florio and Chris Simms break down Tampa Bay Buccaneers general manager Jason Licht's press conference comments regarding Tom Brady's future beyond the 2022 NFL season.

Someone foolishly agreed to pay more than $518,000 for the football that was supposedly Tom Brady’s final NFL touchdown pass, at a time when anyone with any amount of sense realized that there was a good chance Brady would be returning to the NFL.

That someone is Ron Firman.

The man who ultimately avoided paying the money when the seller agreed to void the sale spoke to Inside Edition regarding the transaction, and his reaction to the news that Brady was back.

“At first, I couldn’t believe it,” Firman said. “Is this possible? How could this be happening?”

To quote Elaine Benes after an unexpected turn at the conclusion of her date with Phil Totola, “Oh it be.”

Firman apparently wasn’t paying attention. Beyond the fact that multiple great athletes have retired and returned, there were plenty of reasons to think Brady would be back.

Firman said he planned to put the ball in a museum, explaining in the ultimate humblebrag that the ball should not have been on “one billionaire’s wall.”

Whenever Brady is retired for good, Firman plans to pursue the final ball -- if it’s thrown into the stands and then available to be sold at auction.

“I’m going to be bidding on that ball again,” Firman said.

Next time, Firman can’t be surprised if/when Brady unretires. Firman somehow got a Mulligan as to the first Brady “final” ball. If Firman bids on another last touchdown pass that ends up not being Brady’s last touchdown pass, Firman shouldn’t get a escape hatch.