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Report: George Soros part of Checketts group, too

Maybe Dave Checketts really doesn’t want to buy the St. Louis Rams.

Why else would he have included both Rush Limbaugh and, reportedly, George Soros in the group cobbling together the money to make the purchase?

If, after all, Limbaugh is not eligible to become part owner of a team due to polarizing and divisive comments, Soros’ comparison of the Bush administration to the Nazi regime arguably merits that same outcome.

But, per, Soros is part of the Checketts group, too.

Bottom line? Checketts should have done more homework before piecing together his investment group. All he needed to do was call the league office or maybe a few owners to get a feel for whether this kind of thing would fly.

With Limbaugh now out, it’s likely only a matter of time before Soros will have to go as well. Even if the reaction to Soros’ involvement isn’t as sharp and immediate, it only takes nine of 32 “no” votes from the full league ownership to kill the deal -- and there probably are at least nine Republican owners who believe that, if Limbaugh isn’t fit to own part of a team, Soros isn’t, either.