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Sean McVay is keeping Matthew Stafford contract issue “in house”

Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford wants more guaranteed money beyond the 2024 season. At last word, Rams coach Sean McVay seemed to be inclined to give it to him.

And that apparently will be the last word from McVay until it’s done.

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, McVay repeatedly said that the matter will stay “in house.”

“Out of respect for the situation, we’ll just keep it in house,” McVay said. “What I am appreciative of is that he’s here leading the way and it’s been a good couple days for him.”

Stafford has participated in voluntary OTAs despite the absence of the security he has been seeking. He also might be looking for more dollars in the wake of last week’s mega-deal for the quarterback the Rams dumped to get Stafford in the first place.

“He’s here and we appreciate that, and he knows that,” McVay said. “I’ve had good conversations with him about football and anything other than that, really just going to keep it in house.”

Reporters tried one more time to get something from McVay, by asking if the conversations on a revised contract are “still open.”

“In house,” McVay said. “I respect the questions, I really do. But, you know, out of respect for just the totality of the situation and really, there’s just a lot of things that we want to be able to just keep in house. And if there is any information on that front, you guys will certainly know and maybe you’ll break it on your Twitter.”

McVay’s comments confirm that there is indeed a “situation” that has yet to be resolved. Stafford easily could have withheld services during OTAs until the situation is properly addressed. He’s apparently making a leap of faith that it will be, perhaps before training camp.

If it isn’t, he’ll have a decision to make as to whether he’ll be showing up.