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Week One Power Rankings

Denver Broncos' Manning passes in rain against Baltimore Ravens during NFL football game in Denve

Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning passes in the rain against the Baltimore Ravens during their NFL football game in Denver September 5, 2013. REUTERS/Rick Wilking (UNITED STATES - Tags: SPORT FOOTBALL)


1. Broncos (1-0): The Manning family dreads games played between Peyton and Eli. Peyton shouldn’t; he’s 2-0 against his little brother.

2. 49ers (1-0): Jim Harbaugh’s rope-a-dope worked on the Packers. It will be a little harder to pull it off against the Seahawks.

3. Texans (1-0): Good teams become great teams when they find a way to overcome major deficits away from home.

4. Seahawks (1-0): Winning on the road during the regular season could be the key to playing more games at home in the postseason.

5. Eagles (1-0): Here’s a shock -- the high-gear, full-time, no-huddle offense can build a lead, and it has trouble holding a lead.

6. Packers (0-1): Losing to the 49ers on the road in Week One is better than losing to them at home in Week One. So 2013 is already a notch better than 2012.

7. Ravens (0-1): Is it too late to give the 49ers their sixth-round pick back for Anquan Boldin?

8. Saints (1-0): Sean Payton is back? Check. Drew Brees is still on the team? Check. The defense can’t be any worse? Check. Win over Falcons at home? Boom.

9. Patriots (1-0): So when do the defensive players start playing a little offense?

10: Falcons (0-1): The Falcons would have been 1-0 if their former basketball player could have come down with a late rebound.

11. Lions (1-0): Reggie Bush says the team is just scratching the surface. And Lions fans have had an itch they can’t quite reach for a long, long time.

12. Bears (1-0): We won’t really know about this team until it encounters adversity and Jay Cutler shoves someone.

13. Bengals (0-1): Remember when Joey Porter’s pit bulls got loose and killed that horse? On Monday night, James Harrison will be playing the role of the pit bull -- and Ben Roethlisberger will be playing the role of the horse.

14. Cowboys (1-0): Just like last year, Dallas beat the Giants to start the season. The Cowboys hope the next 15 games unfold differently.

15. Colts (1-0): A close, come-from-behind win is still a win. Just like it was last year. Seven times.

16. Giants (0-1): Maybe the best way to prevent turnovers against the Broncos will be, to borrow a phrase from the Eli-Peyton DirecTV video, to put the “football in your pants.”

17. Rams (1-0): And the Rams are now 5-1-1 in the NFC West under Jeff Fisher.

18. Vikings (0-1): The lack of a competent passing game will prevent the Vikings from staying within a score of the many other teams who have one.

19. Chiefs (1-0): The only thing missing from the pantsing of Tyson Jackson was an announcer exclaiming that it was a “disgusting act!”

20. Redskins (0-1): Annnnnnd that’s why a quarterback should play at least one game in the preseason.

21. Cardinals (0-1): Already, they’re alone in the basement of the best division in football. Hooray?

22. Dolphins (1-0): Mike Wallace apparently would rather catch a bunch of passes and lose than catch one and win.

23. Titans (1-0): Bud Adams wrapped a couple of Terrible Towels around his middle fingers.

24. Chargers (0-1): San Diego fans will complain about being in this spot because of the lead that was built over the Texans. But only bottom-third teams are bad enough to blow leads like that.

25. Bills (0-1): They know how to knock on the door. They still can’t find the knob.

26. Raiders (0-1): Has any NFL team ever been happier about being 0-1?

27. Panthers (0-1): Playing a good team close at home no longer will cut it in Carolina.

28. Jets (1-0): Someone should register the trademark for “We won’t be 0-16!”

29. Steelers (0-1): Someone should register the trademark for “B-b-but we still have six rings!”

30. Buccaneers (0-1): Lavonte David’s gaffe cost the team a win; the absence of a competent offense cost the team an easy win.

31. Browns (0-1): The management can change, but the output at the Factory of Sadness remains the same.

32. Jaguars (0-1): Even Tim Tebow could have led this offense to zero points.