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Week Seven Power Rankings

Andy Reid

Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid stands with his players during the first half of an NFL football game against the Houston Texans at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Mo., Sunday, Oct. 20, 2013. (AP Photo/Colin E. Braley)


1. Chiefs (7-0; No. 2): With the Browns coming in on Sunday, the Chiefs will be in this spot for at least as many weeks as they had wins last season.

2. Seahawks (6-1; No. 3): When Percy Harvin returns, can there be a position higher than No. 1?

3. Colts (5-2; No. 6): So which team will Andrew Luck be playing for when he makes his return to Indy in 14 years?

4. Broncos (6-1; last week No. 1): So when does Von Miller’s suspension end?

5. Saints (5-1; No. 5): The biggest question this week is whether Jimmy Graham’s bye will extend to two weeks.

6. 49ers (5-2; No. 7): Fewer and fewer teams have it better than them.

7. Packers (4-2; No. 8): There’s only one injury that would derail this team’s run at another division title.

8. Bengals (5-2; No. 13): Maybe Pacman Jones is now 100 percent convinced that Andy Dalton can lead them to a Super Bowl win.

9. Patriots (5-2; No. 4): It wasn’t the first time Bill Belichick misinterpreted the rules, but this one was slightly less costly.

10. Cowboys (4-3; No. 15): No DeMarcus, no DeMarco? No DeProblem! (“No DeFunny.”)

11. Chargers (4-3; No. 16): What’s more impressive, two straight games with 100-plus yards for Ryan Mathews or two straight games for Ryan Mathews with no injuries?

12. Lions (4-3; No. 9): The seat could soon be getting warm for Jim Schwartz and Martin Mayhew.

13. Jets (4-3; No. 20): For the second straight year, a butt had a role in deciding a home game against the Jets.

14. Ravens (3-4; No. 11): Joe Flacco needs to start earning his next contract.

15. Bears (4-3; No. 10): If Jordan Palmer is the answer, I don’t know what the question is.

16. Dolphins (3-3; No. 12): If Bryant McKinnie is the answer, I don’t want to know what the question is.

17. Panthers (3-3; No. 23): Cam Newton is the answer, as long as the Panthers get a lead early.

18. Eagles (3-4; No. 14): Matt Barkley is the answer, if the question is “who can throw three interceptions?”

19. Browns (3-4; No. 17): Brandon Weeden is the answer, if the questions is “who won’t be playing for the Browns next year, or sooner?”

20. Bills (3-4; No. 24): Mario Williams is playing well enough to afford a lot more six-figure engagement rings that his future former fiancee’s don’t give back to him.

21. Titans (3-4; No. 19): Being the second best team in the AFC South suddenly isn’t the accomplishment it used to be.

22. Raiders (2-4; No. 22): They could go 8-8 and still end up in the basement of their division.

23. Falcons (2-4; No. 26): Maybe Harry Douglas is the one who should be the subject of trade speculation.

24. Steelers (2-4; No. 29): When a 2-4 record is viewed as an encouraging sign, these aren’t your father’s Steelers.

25. Redskins (2-4; No. 27): Barely beating an injury-ravaged team that was relying on a McCown brother at quarterback doesn’t count for much.

26. Cardinals (3-4; No. 21): Bruce Arians has now officially seen the dominance of the 49ers and Seahawks. And he’ll get to see it again later this year.

27. Rams (3-4; No. 18): Well, at least their baseball team is good.

28. Texans (2-5; No. 25): When losing by only one point to a team that won only two games last year is a sign of progress, it’s been a bad, bad year.

29. Giants (1-6; No. 31): On Monday night, they looked good enough to beat a really bad team, but not good enough to beat anyone else.

30. Vikings (1-5; No. 28): The team apparently took Jared Allen’s advice to “embrace the suck” a bit too literally.

31. Buccaneers (0-6; No. 30): Even the ’76 Buccaneers think this team is pretty bad.

32. Jaguars (0-7; No. 32): They should build those swanky new scoreboards in the end zones at EverBank Stadium; the Jaguars haven’t been using them.