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Rio mayor hopes Pokemon Go is launched in Brazil before Olympics


Pokemon Go launched a week ago, and already it’s the biggest mobile game in U.S. history.

It’s not yet available in many areas of the world, like Brazil, but the mayor of Rio de Janeiro is doing his part to get the hit game in his city before it hosts the world for the Olympics. Eduardo Paes posted a message on his Facebook page asking Nintendo to launch the game in Brazil.

Facebook translates the message to say: “Hello, Nintendo! 23 days to go to the Olympics Rio 2016. The whole world is coming here. Come too!”

If the game’s developers continue to fix their server issues, which became a problem because so many downloads occurred immediately after the game’s release, Pokemon Go could be a reality in Rio for the Olympics. It was launched in Germany on Wednesday.

If you’re wondering exactly what Pokemon Go is, this video may help:

Or Vox explains the phenomenon in less than 400 words.

h/t Shack News