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“It’s like they’re on the playground. They do it week after week. They’re simpatico.” – Jason Garrett on Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes and TE Travis Kelce

“If you can stop Josh Allen from throwing 50-yard lasers and stop him from scrambling around, what else is there in that offense to stop?” – Chris Simms on the Bills

“I don’t know if there’s a quarterback playing better right now than Lamar Jackson.” – Devin McCourty

Peacock Sunday Night Football Final Streams EXCLUSIVELY on Peacock Following Dolphins-Eagles and Every Sunday Night Football Game During 2023 Season

STAMFORD, Conn. – Oct. 22, 2023 – NBC Sports’ presentation of Week 7 of the 2023 NFL season began tonight from Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pa., with Football Night in America leading into coverage of Dolphins-Eagles on Sunday Night Football on NBC and Peacock.

Maria Taylor hosted FNIA from NBC Sports’ Studio 1 in Stamford, Conn. She was joined by former Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett, three-time Super Bowl Champion Devin McCourty, former NFL quarterback Chris Simms, and NFL Insider Mike Florio. Hall of Fame head coach Tony Dungy and two-time Super Bowl winner Rodney Harrison joined co-host Jac Collinsworth and fantasy sports industry pioneer Matthew Berry at the site of the game.

Mike Tirico (play-by-play), Cris Collinsworth (analyst), Melissa Stark (sideline reporter) and Terry McAulay (rules analyst) are calling tonight’s game.

Pre-game coverage also included McCourty’s interview with Eagles OL Jason Kelce and Michael Smith’s interview with Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa.


Following are highlights from tonight’s edition of Football Night in America on NBC and Peacock:


Simms: “It’s a talented offensive line and they can overpower just about anybody in football…but they fall into this trap sometimes of getting into a spread offense and it becomes a speed game, which is what the Jets wanted last week. No, Philadelphia – run it up the middle with your big people and it opens up the pass game.”

Garrett: “They are so good on the offensive line. Four of their five starters are among the best in the league. That’s why they’ve been so consistent as a team. They threw it 45 times last week against the Jets, and a lot of them were just straight drop backs. They got to get back to mixing in the run…the RPO game, the movement game, and then mix the drop-back pass game in. If they get back to that identity, they are hard to stop.”

Dungy: “The key tonight is the defensive line. Miami is so fast on the outside in their skill positions and Philly has some injuries in the secondary. They’re going to need to give those guys a lot of help.”


Harrison: “It’s not just about speed with the Dolphins. They don’t just want to be the fastest, they want to be the smartest. Coach Mike McDaniel has done a great job of pushing these guys.”

Simms: “It’s the number one run game in football right now and it’s not even close. It’s extraordinary…they’re not afraid to run it between the tackles. Too many guys in the middle? They go out on the edge.”

Garrett on the run game: “This is by far the biggest area of improvement for the Dolphins from last year.”

Garrett on their offense: “You’re not going to score points in the NFL if you don’t make explosive plays. They do it so many different ways, the run after catch is ridiculous. When you make chunk plays, that’s what allows you to keep drives going and score points, and they do that better than anybody.”


Garrett on QB Patrick Mahomes and TE Travis Kelce: “They have an amazing feel together. It’s like they’re on the playground. (Patrick) Mahomes extends the play, Travis (Kelce) feels what he’s seeing and they make connections. They do it week after week…they’re simpatico. Trust me, the Chargers wanted to stop No. 87 and No. 15 today…and No. 15 just threw for 424 yards.”


Garrett on LB T.J. Watt’s interception vs. Rams: “Is there a better defensive player in football? Sacks, fumbles…now he’s dropping back into coverage and intercepting the ball.”


McCourty: “This Buffalo Bills team has not looked good the last three weeks. They have not looked like themselves. Josh Allen just didn’t have time today. He was forced to try to be Superman on every single play.”

Simms: “They’ve got Super Bowl aspirations, but if you can stop Josh Allen from throwing 50-yard lasers and stop him from scrambling around and making magic plays, what else is there in that offense to stop? That’s where Buffalo’s got to find some answers.”

Garrett on QB Josh Allen: “He’s so capable (against pressure), time and time again you see him coming out of these things, but over time with 60-65 plays in a game? You just can’t ask him to do that.”


McCourty: “I don’t know if there’s a quarterback playing better right now than Lamar Jackson.”

Simms: “We know the pass game is coming along, but when they get the run game going, that’s when they become really dangerous. Baltimore is really hitting on all cylinders…they had their way with the Lions defense all day.”


McCourty on TE Mike Gesicki’s celebration after game-winning touchdown catch: “You know what happens after Gesicki catches touchdowns? He does one of the worst Griddys that you will find in America (laughs).”


Simms on Bears QB Tyson Bagent: “How about Tyson Bagent? First start ever in the NFL and he was efficient all day long. He made some plays with his legs, getting outside of the pocket, finding D.J. Moore, finding D’Onta Foreman, and put up a 30-burger on Las Vegas.”


Simms on Giants’ defense: “It starts with Dexter Lawrence up the middle, his pressure pushing the pocket in to Sam Howell’s face along with Leonard Williams. They were all over Sam Howell and they never got the passing game going.”


McCourty: “They are playing against Chicago, one of the worst teams on defense for points allowed, and they put up 12 points. But it was the way Chicago beat them. Running over them, moving them…just a good ‘ole butt kicking.”


Kelce on maintaining his drive: “Especially coming off last year – to go the distance that we went and not get it done, that will make you hungrier than you’ve ever been. It reinvigorates a lot of juices and a lot of energy.”

Kelce on QB Jalen Hurts: “One of the things that I really appreciate – and I’ve definitely said this to him – is his temperament in the huddle and the way he carries himself. I’m not blessed with that, my emotions go all over the place. It’s good for me when he’s (calm).”


Smith: “Being yourself, what does that mean? Who is Tua Tagovailoa able to be more now?”

Tagovailoa: “Tua Tagovailoa is a professional. Much more different than Tua Tagovailoa at home being a dad, being a husband. But I think it’s intertwined more since the coming of Mike McDaniel with sort of the freedom that he’s brought to the organization. You can express yourself, you can joke. But when it is time to work, we know it’s time to work.”

Smith: “How has being comfortable in your own skin translated to your performance this season?”

Tagovailoa: “For me, being able to be myself it allows me to be free. And it’s something that Mike has helped train in me. Like dude, you can’t be so hard on yourself. This game is hard enough. You’re going to make mistakes, but how are you going to respond?”

Tagovailoa on success this season: “I definitely feel satisfaction from wins. What brings me joy is seeing how happy the guys are. That picture frame of our guys smiling after we have a win, it’s almost an addictive feeling, and I’m always grateful because none of this comes easy and you have to put the work in.”


Peacock Sunday Night Football Final, an NFL post-game show produced by NBC Sports, streams exclusively on Peacock following every Sunday Night Football game during the 2023 season. The show is hosted from the game site by Jac Collinsworth, Harrison, and Dungy, who will provide instant reactions to each Sunday game along with highlights and interviews, while Berry will host a weekly segment called “DraftKings Crowning Moments,” where the fantasy sports analyst will discuss his successful bets from that day; he will also provide fantasy advice and an early look at the waiver wire. Football Night in America’s studio team will also provide recaps and insights into the day’s biggest moments, while Florio will provide injury and news updates.

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